Faronics Deep Freeze and SkyWest Airlines
"Often when these events occurred, the airline has t o physically send someone from the IT team to the location, incurring expenditures in location. Incurring expenditures in travel costs. The lack of remote management capabilities in windows steady state was also a major bottleneck."
- Michael Howes, SkyWest desktop application support technician
Challenges faced

SkyWest airlines needed a solution to manage their 700 workstations that were primarily used to maintain aircrafts. The earlier system that was deployed had limitations. When a maintenance computer was down, SkyWest had to physically send someone to fix the system. This resulted in wasting valuable time in fixing the aircraft. Computer downtime sometimes resulted in aircraft downtime which was unacceptable.

A Solution That Worked

SkyWest deployed Deep Freeze on 700 computers. Whenever a maintenance computer was down due to software issues, a simple reboot would fix the problem. Sending a member of the IT staff to fix the problem was no longer required thereby saving valuable time and expenses.

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Faronics Deep Freeze and SkyWest Airlines