Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac and Guitar Center
"It’s a computer on a sales floor in a store. Anybody could come in and make edits or changes, and those computers would be down for long periods of time."
- Vince Rowland, Merchandising Manager, Guitar Center
Challenges faced

Despite Guitar Center's commitment to the in-store experience, the company struggled to maintain consistency across its 250 stores in the United States. The company leaders realized that employees and customers alike were encountering vastly different experiences with in-store computers - sometimes machines operated as expected, and sometimes they didn't. This fostered a very frustrating environment for both employees and consumers. If a salesperson wanted to demonstrate a particular piece of software, such as a recording application or DJ program, there was no guarantee that it would run as expected. This could potentially lead to lost sales opportunities.

A Solution That Worked

Guitar Center deployed 850 licenses to protect their Mac OS X systems. Freezing the systems at their pre-defined state gave a consistent experience to employees and customers as well. The IT staff could also remotely Thaw the workstations and update important demo software. With remote management capabilities of Deep Freeze, the systems could be updated via command line, which was extremely convenient for the IT staff.

Despite Guitar Center’s commitment to providing good in-store experience, the company struggled to maintain consistency across its more than 250 stores in the United States. To stay competitive in today’s retail environment, Guitar Center officials knew they needed to achieve a level of stability and consistency across all of their stores. One method they used was to make a concerted shift toward Mac-based platforms. Although the company had taken a step toward stability, they knew more work needed to be done to ensure that hardware operated the same way at every single store. The answer was Faronics Deep Freeze.

With Deep Freeze, Guitar Center’s centralized IT team has been able to create a unified set of system configurations that can be implemented across all store computers. In addition, when needing to install a critical system update for every machine, IT staff can use Deep Freeze’s built-in command line scripts to automate that process. This way, the company can ensure that regardless of what store a person visits, he or she will enjoy the same great customer experience.

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Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac and Guitar Center