World Series Winners

World Series Winners

We were so excited to watch the MLB baseball playoffs in October that we decided to make our own little contest out of it.

Prior to the series starting, our sales reps called up customers, prospects, and partners and asked them which team they thought would win the World Series, and in how many games. They were then entered into a draw to win one of three Kindle Fires.

While we had over 100 registered, only a handful selected the St Louis Cardinals in 7 games. Congratulations to:

  1. GHA Technologies (that’s Jeremy from GHA in the picture on the right)
  2. JEVS Human Services
  3. Purdue University

The Faronics team officially kicked off the event on October 19th on “World Series Wednesday”. We celebrated with a lunch hour of hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and root beer.  Not bad for a company based in Canada!

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Kelly Batke

Kelly is the self-confessed technology laggard who works in technology. The good news is she is slowly reaching late adopter status. Kelly enjoys learning and writing about the psychology behind technology—as in why do we buy what we buy, and how does that impact our environment?

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