What To Look For in an Efficient Reimaging Solution

What To Look For in an Efficient Reimaging Solution

Your computer systems serve as your business’ nerve center: They’re the tools that enable you to produce and provide services to your end users in the most efficient manner possible. But, when they’ve been running consistently slowly or are inoperable for a known or unknown reason — such as a cyberattack, a fragmented hard drive or an internal defect — it robs your company of the resources it needs to perform, deliver and execute in a timely manner.  

When there’s no other solution to fix what’s broken, reimaging may be the only alternative. 

Reimaging serves as a last ditch attempt to get systems back in order by returning them to factory settings. While it can be effective, the process of deleting and clearing all of the data and applications that were previously installed — often on numerous devices and/or workstations — can be incredibly inconvenient, labor intensive and costly in terms of lost productivity. Additionally, with no defenses in place, reimaging can make your computers vulnerable to a breach, irreparably altering the configurations that you had in place.

However, none of these worst-case scenarios have to happen when you have the right reimaging solution. Here are a few things you should consider to guide your decisions when choosing a reliable and efficient reimaging solution to get your systems back up and running.

Workstation equipment compatibility
Whether your desktops and laptops are PCs, Macs or a combination of devices from multiple manufacturers, the reimaging solution you choose must match the operating systems that your computers and devices support. An incompatible solution will make it impossible for the system reset to take place. So, check that the reimaging tool is compatible with all the technology that your office uses. Ideally, look for one that’s device agnostic. If it’s not apparent, find out from the service provider by contacting them or visiting their website.

Array of features
Tech problems are extraordinarily frustrating and time consuming — reimaging solutions can add to that annoyance when they’re bare bones, lacking the features you need to get your systems back to a blank slate state fast. But, a feature-rich reimaging solution can speed things up. Some ideal capabilities to be mindful of in your selection include data migration, partition management, backup and recovery, cloning, asset management and application control, among others.

Ease of use

Even when you have lots of troubleshooting experience — whether as an IT professional or as someone who knows their way around computer workstations — major malfunctions are hard to solve. The last thing you need is a reimaging solution that adds to the confusion by being difficult to use. 

Before you invest in reimaging software, you may want to request a demonstration so you can see how it works in action. It should be as turnkey as can be, so look for an intuitive interface that validates that it’s simple to use. Of course, whoever will be in charge of the reimaging process should be the one who determines the solution’s user-friendliness. 

Quick acting
While important, an effective reimaging solution that gets the job done isn’t sufficient — it also has to get the job done quickly, as time is of the essence when your systems are offline. Therefore, look for a software that has the features you need so the reimaging is done fast. These include image deployment, cloud synchronization, patch management, data cloning and similar features that prioritize promptness without compromising comprehensiveness. 

All-inclusive customer support

Even when a solution is easy to use, feature rich and fast acting, you never know when issues may turn up that require getting in touch with the manufacturer. That’s why you want a software vendor that prioritizes the customer. You can corroborate that this is the case by reviewing what support resources they have. You may also want to review online forums to see what other users have to say about the provider’s responsiveness with technical support. 

When your workstations are down for the count, you need a solution to get them back up and in fighting shape. Deep Freeze Cloud is that solution, a suite of Software-as-a-Service products that offers asset management, software deployment, layered security, remote control, power management and more to perform lightning fast actions to reboot and restore your system back to health. Available for Windows, Android, Apple, Google and other device manufacturers, Deep Freeze Cloud from Faronics the ultimate security and data protection solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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