What do you name your baby? Let your friends and family decide

What do you name your baby? Let your friends and family decide

Decide your newborn’s name via social media

Social media seems to impact every part of our lives, and now it will affect another aspect: baby naming.

A new website, Belly Ballot, lets friends and family vote on what your child’s name should be via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

“Parents today are very social beings,” Belly Ballot co-founder Lacey Moler said. “We love apps and sites that allow us to interact with friends on a daily basis. Important decisions are no exception.”

Moler said the idea for Belly Ballot came from her 2009 baby shower, when she let those in attendance submit and then later vote on baby names.

“It was so amazing to see how excited and creative everyone was,” Lacey said. “It brought the whole family together. I want families and friends that are thousands of miles apart from each other to be able to have the same experience.”

Some may cringe at turning over this potentially sensitive decision to others, but perhaps this is a growing sign of social media’s importance in our personal lives. After all, according to the Pew Research Center, about two thirds of U.S. adults use social media. Plus, the study shows that 60 percent cited staying in touch with friends and family as the major reason for using social media.

Nancy Oliveira, author of blog FitMamaEats, described Belly Ballot as “a super-fun way to search for cool names from all over the world and have your family/friends vote on their faves!”

What do you think about Belly Ballot? Do you try to avoid applications like this one for privacy reasons, or are you okay sharing this kind of information online?

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