Turning personal technology into a classroom interaction tool

Turning personal technology into a classroom interaction tool

One company wants to have personal mobile devices be an integral part of the learning process.

Some teachers and professors view personal technology like smartphones and iPods as a distraction in an education environment. However, one company wants to have mobile devices be an integral part of the learning process.Top Hat Monocle, a Toronto-based software company, is aiming to expand its operations. The company’s product turns devices like laptops and smartphones into ways for students to communicate directly with an educator, GigaOm reported.

The software represents an evolution of existing clicker technology. In many college classrooms, professors use remote control-like devices that allow students to respond to polls and questions with the click of a button. Top Hat Monocle’s classroom software extends this clicker model to personal electronic devices.

“By giving students and instructors the chance to interact and innovate in their day-to-day classroom environment, Top Hat Monocle is helping turn education into a more fulfilling learning experience for all involved,” Mike Silagadze, the company’s CEO, said in a release.

According to GigaOm, Top Hat Monocle’s technology offers additional functionality that cannot be found with clickers, including allowing for live quizzing and interactive discussions that work like forum threads. The company reported that classrooms that used their software had an increase in test scores and understanding of topics.

One of the benefits of this classroom software is that it makes it easier for shy students to participate. Plus, the technology is a way for students increasingly used to multi-screen interactivity to stay focused in a learning environment, GigaOm reported.

“We’re excited to be a part of the new wave of companies looking to revolutionize the classroom experience and bring it into the future,” Top Hat Monocle wrote on its website. “Students deserve a better classroom experience. They deserve one that is collaborative, dynamic and inspires curiosity.”

Would you consider using this classroom software if you were an educator? Let us know your thoughts about Top Hat Monocle’s software by leaving a comment!

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