Top 5 Places To Hide Your Deep Freeze Customization Code

Top 5 Places To Hide Your Deep Freeze Customization Code

Places To Hide Your Deep Freeze Customization CodeOur poor Tech Support team. They want to help with every concern possible. Unfortunately, the one thing that they can’t help you with is a lost customization code.

If you run Faronics Deep Freeze, you probably know all about these codes. The Customization Code is necessary for Deep Freeze to work. It is provided only to users trusted to manage all aspects of the workstations. With a valid Customization Code, users can remove Deep Freeze from any protected workstation, whether or not they have a valid password. A lost Customization Code can result in a very bad day, think “YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!” type of bad day as opposed to “Oops I spilled my coffee”

To ensure you never have to deal with this potential crisis, we have come up with five places for you to hide your customization code:

1. Tattoo it to your cat. Fluffy will enjoy the opportunity to look bad-ass with his new tat, just make sure to invest in a good set of gloves and wear some long sleeve shirts before starting. If your cat is particularly uncooperative the bottom of your own foot works as well.

2. Make a corn maze. Do you have a large backyard full of corn? Use the numbers in your customization code to create a maze. Don’t forget to charge admission for the children who visit, and watch out for hordes of hungry farm animals that might wander through.

3. Shave it in your head. Your wife told you that you needed a haircut. She didn’t specify the style. Get one of your fellow IT colleagues to help you shave this number into your head.

4. Hide it in your Zombie survival kit. Afterall, doesn’t this kit contain everything you need to survive? If you do survive a Zombie apocalypse, making sure that your computers are running will be up there with staying out of the zombie chow line.

5. Name your child after it. We’ve already had customers who wanted their daughter’s to marry Deep Freeze. Imagine how much more your birthday and Christmas cards will have when they are signed by Dave, Susan, and little fro3z#n_pc.

All joking aside, simply writing the code down and placing it in a sealed envelope taped to the server room wall will work fine. It will also be far less painful than healing from a set of cat related wounds or fixing a lost customization code.

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