6 Things You May Not Know About Deep Freeze

6 Things You May Not Know About Deep Freeze

1. Some of our customers are obsessed with it.

We once had a customer claim that if he had a daughter, he would want her to marry Deep Freeze.

2. Has been selected as a Codie award finalist—twice

Deep Freeze was chosen in 2005 in the Best Business Administration System: Education Enterprises category, and again last year in the Best Security Solution category.

3. Yes you CAN still save your data

The instant system restore concept can be scary for those worried about data loss. The good news is ALL your data can be kept safe on an unfrozen ‘Thawed’ partition or external hard drive.

4. It surpasses its competition…by a LOT

Unlike competing solutions, Deep Freeze has patented protection mechanism that doesn’t affect system performance. It also has scalable deployment and management through the Enterprise Console, Command line control and can integrate into third party management tools.

5. Anti-Virus updates can be installed while frozen

It’s true. Deep Freeze fully integrates with Faronics Anti-Virus so updates can occur even when the system is frozen. No need to thaw!

6. It’s compatible with Windows 7

Freeware solutions like Windows SteadyState aren’t supported with Windows 7. Deep Freeze is fully supported.



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