If Speaking Is Silver, Then Listening Is Gold

If Speaking Is Silver, Then Listening Is Gold

In today’s interactive world people do not have to look far for ideas and inspiration. Information is constantly at our finger tips – laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots keep us connected 24/7. But are we really paying attention, listening, or making use of the information out there?

People are busy and I get that… When most of us leave work (especially an office job) the first thing we want to do is unwind, unplug, and generally disconnect. So, how can we find the time to efficiently stay connected to the things that interest us and make us better at what we do? Well ironically enough you are currently reading a blog post, which happens to be one of the most accessible ways to zero in on dynamic subject matter of your choice.

For example, if I perform a quick Google search of “top marketing blogs” I get an endless supply of quality content written by industry leaders. From here I simply bookmark a shortlist of my favs that I can take advantage of while commuting to work or relaxing at lunch. In just 10 minutes a day I can read and share the latest news and trends within my industry. What are you interested in? Search for your favorite blog and enjoy on demand content, anywhere, anytime!

P.S. Here is a shortlist of my five favorite marketing/sales related blogs in no particular order:






Check them out and please feel free to let me know what you think by commenting below or sharing with your LinkedIn contacts!

About The Author

Braden Cave

Braden works closely with our global network of channel partners to implement marketing strategies and expand our reach. Brand strategy is also a passion of his and Braden is thrilled to be a part of the Faronics brand evolution.

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