Top 10 Types Of Malware To Protect Your Enterprise From

Top 10 Types Of Malware To Protect Your Enterprise From

When it comes to keeping systems safe, enterprises need to learn what they’re protecting their devices and software from in order to maintain the highest security. There are many different kinds of malware – from viruses to Trojans to ransomware – and it’s crucial to learn how to distinguish these infections in order to combat them.

New strains of malware are being created all the time. In fact, a recent report found that around 6 million new malicious programs were detected in 2014, an increase of 77 percent from 2013. More than 4 million strains were found in just the second half of last year. With all of these new variations of infections possible, you need to be aware of how each kind of malware can adversely impact your computing environment.

Here are 10 common types of malware that enterprise IT managers should be aware of:

1) File infectors – This infection impacts the execution of specific files. According to PC Technology Guide, most known viruses fall into this category.

2) Spyware – This kind of malware watches everything you do once it infiltrates your computer. By doing so, it can steal confidential information like passwords and credit card numbers.

​3) Ransomware – This is a type of program that locks a computer until certain conditions are met. Usually, hackers demand an amount of money in Bitcoin that must be sent before the system can be restored. Now, according to IT World Canada, there is even ransomware for Android mobile devices.

4) Trojan – Trojans can illegally trace login details of online users and use that information to steal money or, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, a user’s identity.

5) Keyloggers – This kind of malware captures the words that you type, according to ITProPortal, leading to stolen passwords and other important data. Some also capture screenshots and copy on your clipboard.

6) Macro viruses – A macro is a small program within a larger environment used to simplify a task done repeatedly – for instance, hitting Control + U on your keyboard to underline your writing in Microsoft Word. According to PC Technology Guide, a macro virus works like these mini programs – by infiltrating and self-replicating, these viruses automatically infect files with templates and hide in documents shared through email.

7) Overwrite viruses – These kinds of malware infect and delete information from files on your hard drive. The affected files would become unusable.

8) Directory viruses – These live inside the disk and change file paths. The director virus moves a file to a different location when you execute the infected program so that you can’t locate the virus.

9) Browser hijacker – This is a type of virus that automatically downloads programs to your computer from your browser, including malicious software that can change browser and search settings. Without a Reboot Restore Software like Deep Freeze, these settings can prove difficult to change back to the original configuration.

10) Boot viruses – These types of malware infect the computer’s hard drive and make it impossible for the machine to boot up. This can have devastating consequences for your computing environment if it spreads to multiple machines within your fleet.

Faronics Anti Virus can offer the important protection a computer system needs to ward off malware before it infiltrates important equipment. Enterprises should consider investing in a solution proven to protect systems from the inside. Another option is Deep Freeze from Faronics, which is a reboot to restore program that allows managers to take a snapshot of the system’s settings and rout infections by reverting to those configurations from from when the snapshot was taken – before the malware infected the system. Unwelcome changes are automatically removed with one simple press of a button.

Contact Faronics today to see how we can help your company remove and prevent these types of malware.

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