The Benefits Of Buffer Files

The Benefits Of Buffer Files

Benefits of buffer filesI’ve talked before about a number of ways reboot to restore technology can return your computers back to the way they were—before any damage occured. Now let’s get into the details.

We’ll start out with “buffer file” (buffer) technology. The way it works is nice and elegant. Any changes made to any of your files all get put into one huge file, not written to the drive.

This cool method has a number of benefits:

– Flexibility to control changes on file level

The buffer works on the file level, so you can cache any and all changes to your files. You can keep track of any versions or changes and chose which version to keep or ditch.

– It’s not a relationship until you commit

No changes are real until you chose to commit them to the hard drive. Once you commit the changes though, it’s permanent.

– Restore whenever

The buffer allows you to restore a computer, but not necessarily on the next reboot. You can do it whenever you want—be it on demand, or at a specified time interval. Not on every restart or logout.

– If you love them, let them go

You can let any programs or users pierce through your buffer. If you have an app, like a patch manager or an anti-virus update engine, you can let those programs save changes directly, without buffering them.

Sounds great? Everything has its drawbacks. Next time we’ll talk cons of buffer files!

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