Public Sector : Automated IT Maintenance is the Need of the Hour

Public Sector : Automated IT Maintenance is the Need of the Hour

From data center consolidation to adopting cloud plaforms/ services for the purposes of better collaboration, IT infrastructure modernization has always been adopted cautiously by Public Sector/ Government organizations.

Progress in this area, has been somewhat stalled by red tape, budgetary constraints and to a significant extent, cybersecurity/ compliance concerns.

High Workload, Less Productivity

In addition to this wariness, it is important to note that

  • Government agencies are currently experiencing a shortage in cybersecurity talent – based on research data from the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (IISSCC).
  • To make matters worse, these agencies also struggle with retaining IT experts in general.
  • According to the Federal Salary Council (FSC), public sector IT personnel earn nearly 35 percent less than they would in the private sector.

As a result Government agencies have to rely on 3rd party vendors, who have multiple customers. With the amount of workload involved, availability of timely support stands getting affected majorly.

The day of an IT admin is fraught with distractions. Emergency patching in response to new zero-day exploits might infringe on scheduled tasks. Mitigation of a malware intrusion – especially if it’s ransomware – could develop into a crisis that will completely dash any hopes of a productive day.

Additionally routine day-to-day functions such as user reports, scheduled re-imaging of select computers and software licensing or compliance audits can be tedious and time-consuming.

Cost-efficient, Automated IT Maintenance

The beauty of computer management solutions like Faronics Deep Freeze is that it gives IT staff a streamlined methodology for handling such issues. From a web-based dashboard, administrators can run specific patches at a moment’s notice on an entire fleet of computers, something that could take hours if completed manually. Should a malware intrusion occur, the patented ‘Reboot to Restore’ functionality ensures minimal downtime. This is critical for data computers in the field, such as laptops in squad cars.

“Troubleshooting is as simple as rebooting the system.”

For government agencies, the convenience of all of these features is a lower-maintenance, hygienic & compliant IT environment. Deep Freeze saves the staff,  the time spent in mundane maintenance and support activities.

To learn more about how Faronics’ solutions can streamline maintenance and improve security of public sector IT environments, contact us today.

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Matt Williams

A self-proclaimed ‘tech geek’, Matt has worked in technology for a decade and divides his time between blogging and working in IT. A huge New York Giants fan, expert on Reboot Restore Technology when not watching football Matt gets his game on playing Call of Duty with his friends and other tech bloggers.

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