PC Power Management – Why they hate it!  Part 3

PC Power Management – Why they hate it! Part 3

The first two parts of this series were about the concerns around PC Power Management policies. The first I told you why, the second I showed you.  Facilities, IT and end users all have skin in this game and  your green initiative will only survive if everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

The other major concern for your end users?  –Don’t bother the workflow – just let the magic happen!

It all really comes down to user habits and distraction.  As for disruptions, well nobody wants continually flare up the carpal tunnel by constantly moving the mouse to turn the monitor back on each time one looks away for 10 seconds.  In order to best avoid user disruption it may be wise to audit the power consumption habits for a while. Get the right mix of minimal power consumption vs. end user friendliness.  Most software packages let you audit a workstation but don’t take any power savings actions.  Use this feature which will  allow you to see how much savings could be had without bothering a soul!

Implement a power management policy in steps that will get people used to a power-friendly PC and more importantly, gets them used to a power policy in the first place.  There will be time later to tighten the thresholds and increase the savings later.  Jumping to an aggressive power management policy right out of the starting gate is like swinging the bat before the pitch is made; a whole lot of movement and nothing but air.

We will put this all together in Part IV of PC Power Management – Why they hate it!

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