[VIDEO] PC Power Management – Why they hate it! Part 2

[VIDEO] PC Power Management – Why they hate it! Part 2

In part I of this series I spoke about the stakeholder groups important to successfully adopting a PC power management policy.  Beyond facilities and IT comes the users of workstations and the true recipients of your green IT initiative.  These good folks have a primary concern with PC Power Management…  Why do it? BC Hydro portrayed it best in their ad by trying to equate waste to habitual actions.

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Welcome to the revolution!  Make it fun… run competitions of which department can save the most power or proudly display a Power Savings report in dollars  or CO2 emissions or even trees saved. Let people know that while their machine got shut down last night, it was really for a good cause!

Want to find out what else they hate? Stay tuned for Part III of PC Power Management – Why they hate it!

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When he’s not knee deep in blogging and all things tech, Scott spends his free time playing ultimate Frisbee and watching foreign films. An expert in emerging tech trends, Scott always has his ear to ground for breaking news related to IT security.

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