Mom, Just Buy Deep Freeze

Mom, Just Buy Deep Freeze

When you work in IT, you’re always doing IT support. You work all day troubleshooting computer problems and tackling IT support tickets at the office. Then what happens when you come home? You’re the IT guy for hire to all of your friends and family. You can avoid this from ever happening again. Just tell everyone to buy Deep Freeze Standard.

No matter how much you tell everyone to be careful online, watch out for scams like fake AV programs, and avoid clicking on phishy links, problems always happen. Your friend Steve is getting all of those popups again (for some reason). Your mom doesn’t know why her computer is running so slow. She just bought a nice new anti-virus program online after her computer told her it was infected. Solving the problems is never easy either.

“Ok mom, click Start and then go to Control Panel. It’s on the right. The right hand side. Awesome—okay now click System. It’s there. Yes it is. It has to be there. It’s alphabetical so near the end. Okay, great. Now go to Advanced system settings. On the left. The left! It’s right there. No, not right, the left! System Restore, do you see System Restore?….” *bangs head against desk*

Sound familiar? Make it a distant memory.

Once installed Deep Freeze is unrestrictive, so your mom or Steve can do whatever they want while on the computer. If any problems arise and you get another IT support call from either of them, all you need to say is “just reboot the computer.” If they can’t do that then they shouldn’t own a computer.

If you really want to lock things down, tell them to buy Anti-Executable Standard too. Then the only programs that they will be able to run are the ones you add to the whitelist. Now when mom calls it will be because her new “MiniMinder program” won’t install. You can let your voicemail handle that one—mom doesn’t need MiniMinder.

Leave the IT support work at the office. Let Deep Freeze (and Anti-Executable) take care of the rest.

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Scott Cornell

When he’s not knee deep in blogging and all things tech, Scott spends his free time playing ultimate Frisbee and watching foreign films. An expert in emerging tech trends, Scott always has his ear to ground for breaking news related to IT security.

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