Mobile cloud service market growing as businesses experience benefits

Mobile cloud service market growing as businesses experience benefits

A new study recently released by Research and Markets has found that the global mobile cloud market is growing at a rapid pace.

The report, “The Mobile Cloud By Application & By User: Worldwide Market Forecast and Analysis”, estimates that the global market for cloud services will grow each year at a rate of 37.8 percent from its current value of $9.43 billion to reach $46.9 billion in 2019. The convenience offered by cloud services and applications have helped the market gain momentum, especially as more users are realizing the benefits of the technology. A growing number of organizations are becoming interested in mobile computing solutions and the cloud has risen in popularity as result of that as well, leading to a variety of recent improvements in the technology which has helped to increase growth.

According to the report, the increased need for connectivity and interoperability is playing a major role in the gains being made by the mobile cloud market. Potential customers have grown accustomed to having access to everything they use all in one place, making the cloud a logical and advantageous solution.

“Today, the smartphone and tablet has [sic] moved on from chiefly being related as a mere device for communicating,” the report stated. “The in-build augmented features in the mobile device complemented with robust network connectivity have redefined the mobile cloud space. The increase in need to have continual access to the cloud, and the predominance of several mobile apps developed through the highly accomplished HTML5 technology has additionally fostered growth in this market.”

Increased connectivity an enterprise advantage
While most equate constant connectivity with social media and personal use of mobile devices, companies are also experiencing benefits from increased availability. The ability to have better connections with clients and vendors is extremely beneficial for businesses, leading to a rise in enterprise cloud use.

One of the best ways for businesses to take advantage of the connectivity of the cloud is to employ services that allow IT managers to reduce hassle and resolve issues remotely. Deep Freeze Cloud from Faronics is one such solution. Deep Freeze allows enterprise tech professionals to reboot office computers and restore them to previous settings in the case of a malware infection or system issues and has been shown to reduce IT problems by 63 percent. Because the program utilizes the power of the cloud, system changes can be made from an approved mobile device and issues can be remedied quickly and effectively. With such simplicity and effectiveness, it’s no wonder mobile cloud services are becoming so popular.

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