Going To University? There’s An App For That.

Going To University? There’s An App For That.

The iPhone has become so widespread that applications are popping up for most universities. British Columbia based Simon Fraser University has developed an app that enables students to:

Check your schedule: You can quickly check class times and room numbers without having to access a computer.

Check your emails: I don’t know how many times I showed up to class only to find out that it had been cancelled for the day. Why wasn’t I informed? I didn’t check my email! Most people are glued to their phones anyways, so this lets students quickly check for any updates before heading to class.

Check the road conditions: Especially in the winter months, the roads can be icy. Here you can check to see whether or not the busses are running, and whether the campus is open. Nothing like planning for a snow-day!

Keep track of your library books: You can keep yourself updated when your library books are due. Never have to pay late fees again.

The application is currently the most popular application under the university category of the app store. With success like that, who knows where it will go? Keep your eyes peeled at a university near you! (Or at least keep your fingers crossed.) Has your school developed an iPhone app yet?

About The Author

Nimritta Parmar

Nimritta is a third year student at Simon Fraser University, studying English and Communications. She's a Facebook rat (AKA master procrastinator), and being a student for the last 16 years of her life means that she has education on the brain! (perhaps you've noticed?)

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