Chromebooks increasingly sought as educational tools

Chromebooks increasingly sought as educational tools

As technology becomes more powerful and easy to use, the debate rages on regarding just how computers should be leveraged in the classroom. Some people believe that PCs and laptops have no place in the learning process and should be banned outight. Others, however, believe that with the right machines and software, classroom computers can be incredibly beneficial.

One device that has made particularly interesting waves on this front is the Chromebook. Designed to work with an operating system and suite of apps based in Google's Chrome browser, Chromebooks offer an affordable, streamlined computing experience that is tailor-made for classrooms. 

"With Google's push into education we have seen plenty of schools begin to provide Chromebook solutions to students and teachers," wrote Android Headlines contributor Justin Diaz. "So not only are Chromebooks becoming more accepted by the general public, but more and more education systems are starting to adopt Chromebooks as well."

Google pushing for more presence in education
The popularity of Chromebooks in the learning process has prompted Google to provide classroom-geared offerings. The aptly-named Google Classroom, for instance, is designed to increase collaboration between students and educators. This not only optimizes educational experiences, but also streamlines learning.

"Today, many teachers and professors have found ways to use technology to be better educators and avoid busy work," said Classroom project manager Zach Yeskel to TechRepublic contributor Conner Forrest. "We have more than 30 million students, teachers and administrators using Google Apps for Education to communicate, collaborate and work with students more efficiently and with Classroom our goal is to make these products even better for them."

Chromebooks are clearly cut out for learning. But in order for them to be used effectively, classroom control software will still be required.

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