These days, educators are utilizing more and more activities within their curriculum that rely on technology. For this reason, there has been a growing trend of schools implementing classroom computers and other connected systems for more technologically-advanced learning. For example, institutions in Alabama, California and Florida recently got new classroom computers and...
Logically, Windows XP should have gone out of style long ago. Yet, despite being over a decade old and seeing the release of three other incarnations, the operating system has, for a number of reasons, stayed surprisingly in vogue. Enough so, in fact, that the looming cutoff date for official support from Microsoft - bug fixes, patch update, etc. - has millions of people a...
The days in which Windows XP can safely be used are dwindling. On April 8, Microsoft will officially discontinue support and patch development for the almost 13-year-old operating system. While this, ideally, should not be a concern for many people, it has become apparent that a vast number of computers are still running it - and plan to continue past the cutoff date. ...

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