While the bare minimum is often an acceptable standard in many practices, it cannot be said as such for digital security. There are growing volumes of data that inhabit cyberspace and an exponential increase in the number and severity of corresponding threats. "It seems a new vulnerability is disclosed every other day in this brave new ...
Retail stores are incredibly visible targets that handle an increasing amount of information. The servers of these companies are loaded with the credit and debit card information of - in some cases - billions of people. This is why malicious hackers tend to put these organizations in their crosshairs, and in many instances they have very little work to do in order to obtai...
A recent report from the Ponemon Institute found that one of the top security concerns for organizations across a range of sectors is data theft. With data breaches being reported on a near-daily basis, it is becoming more important to protect against these events and ensure that sensitive business information does not fall into the wrong hands. Not only does this theft...

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