BoomWriter gets teachers and kids excited about writing stories

BoomWriter gets teachers and kids excited about writing stories

BoomWriter gets kids excited about storytelling.

BoomWriter gets kids excited about storytelling.

Once upon a time, a Boston-based startup decided to make it easier for kids to write, share and publish their stories. They developed BoomWriter—a unique online platform that supports reading, writing, critical thinking and helps aspiring youths become better storytellers. Based on its initial success, it looks like BoomWriter is set to live happily ever after.

BoomWriter was founded by a teacher and the CEO of a technology company, so the website combines the best of both worlds. The result? A group based creative writing website that promotes collaborative story-writing. The reward? Becoming published authors when the process is over.

Kids can join for free to get involved in a school program or use the site in a limited way. They can also join for about $40 annually to enjoy all the benefits of the site so they can enjoy everything from competing in contests to working with other writers.

How does BoomWriter work?

  1. Teachers select the beginning of a story using prompts from professional authors or celebrities, or they can make one up on their own.
  2. Students have to keep the story going. Each week, students submit the next chapter.
  3. Classes vote on which chapter they like the best. The winning chapter gets added to the story, and the process continues.
  4. Teachers decide how long the book will be and when it’s finished.
  5. At the end of the process, they publish a final book that students take home with them.

BoomWriter encourages kids to use the site for a variety of reasons:

  • Getting their stories published
  • Co-writing a story with a celebrity
  • Sharing stories with other kids around the world
  • Improving writing for school or for fun

How can schools use BoomWriter?
BoomWriter is a great way to get kids excited about completing creative or research writing on classroom computers. Teachers can choose different genres ranging from non-fiction to sci-fi so they can teach their students about different styles. For example, a class could read a nonfiction book, discuss it and then write a nonfiction story using BoomWriter.

Students are motivated to participate because they earn BoomDollars for writing, voting or if their chapter is chosen to be part of the book. They can cash in their BoomDollars to buy things for their site avatar. Avatars are fun and colorful little creatures that kids can personalize by adding clothes, skateboards, different hair styles or other unique features. Kids also love having a book at the end of the process, and BoomWriter even has a BookStore that allows them to sell their stories online to other kids, grandma or anyone else.

What do you think of this idea? Is it a best seller or just a shot in the dark fairy tale? Please share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page!

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