How Automating IT Tasks Saves Time and Money

How Automating IT Tasks Saves Time and Money

Regardless of the size of a business, a hiccup in the underlying technology that lets workflows run smoothly risks productivity lapses. Often, ensuring that everything stays up and running falls on the shoulders of a small in-house IT staff. Even the most talented tech gurus may find themselves overwhelmed with having to address unforeseen glitches.

One way IT staff can better balance the mix of scheduled projects and unscheduled problems is by automating as many tasks as possible.

Let’s look at how an automation tool like Faronics Deep Freeze can save time and money while enhancing the integrity of a computing environment:

Software Management Made Easy

Ensuring that all operating systems and software is up to date can be a harrowing task if handled manually. IT staff would actually have to walk to each computer in the office, and then find, download and install the necessary updates. In an organization with many hundreds of workstations, this task can take hours. Considering zero-day threats can crop up at any time, and will need to be patched as soon as they’re caught, IT teams may regularly have to stop what they’re doing and get busy updating systems.

Faronics Deep Freeze addresses this problem by letting admins automatically manage an entire office of computers from a single Web-based dashboard. With the Automatic Software Updater, OSes and applications can be patched on command, or according to a schedule – no web surfing, downloading and “next” clicking necessary.

To learn more about the importance of automating IT tasks such as this, download free E-book from Faronics’ online library of resources.

Saving Time and Money Spent on Cyber-attack Mitigation

According to a 2015 report, nearly 1 million new malware threats are released every day. As any organization that has been afflicted with cyberthreats knows, mitigation takes a lot of time. System reimaging may be necessary, and in cases of crypto malware, ransoms may be required to unlock files.

But with Faronics Deep Freeze, admins can automate time-consuming system-restore processes. Reboot to restore makes mitigation as easy as touching a button. IT staff can automatically and regularly save system settings with a “deep freeze,” and then thaw them out in the event of a malware intrusion to clean the slate. Admins can also use this to tidy up systems at the end of the day in shared computing environments such as a college computer lab or public library.

Faronics Deep Freeze is a testament to the idea that less is more. In this case, automation lets IT staff do less, and accomplish more.

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