Looking For Microsoft Steady State Replacement?

By Jordan Harris

Microsoft Steady State DiscontinuedWith Microsoft stopping full support for Windows XP in 2009 and extended support ending in 2014 many users are looking for the Windows 7 upgrade.  However users of Microsoft Steady State won’t be able to continue on to Windows 7.

Steady State was a freeware tool from Microsoft to restore computer workstations to their original state. This product was mainly used by education, libraries, internet cafe’s and some businesses with internet kiosks. With the Windows 7 upgrade looming for many network administrators this poses a problem. Upgrade to Windows 7 without Steady State or continue with Windows XP and no support? Well there is a third option.

Deep Freeze: A Microsoft Steady State Replacement

Faronics Deep Freeze is a 100% Windows 7 compatible reboot to restore solution. Deep Freeze also has many features that the freeware Steady State does/did not have. If you need a microsoft steady state replacement then have a look at Deep Freeze as the next progression for your reboot to restore solution.

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