5 tips every Deep Freeze user should know

5 tips every Deep Freeze user should know

Whether you are a long time fan of Deep Freeze, or just a beginner trying it out for the first time (trust me, you’ll love it), you may have some questions about our reboot-to-restore software.

After all, who reads manuals these days? So we’ve tasked our Systems Engineer to take the top 5 hottest questions about Deep Freeze and create a series of short how-to videos to answer them. The winners are:

  1. How To Manage Windows Updates With Deep Freeze
    Learn 3 different ways you can use to facilitate installation of Windows Updates on a Deep Freeze workstation.
  2. Scheduling Tasks in Enterprise Console
    How to automate tasks and use Scheduler function within Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. 
  3. Redirecting user data with Data Igloo
    How to use Data Igloo to redirect user data to a drive that’s not frozen by Deep Freeze
  4. Connecting Remote Consoles To Master Console
    How to set up your enterprise console to manage all remote locations centrally and how to set up your network configuration
  5. Retaining user data with Deep Freeze
    How you can configure a desktop environment with Deep Freeze  to allow user profiles to be redirected to allow user data to be retained while machines are protected by Deep Freeze.

Did you learn something new? We hope so. If you have any suggestions on other video topics, let us know! Also, be sure to join our Deep Freeze Beta Community to be the first to experience new release features and help us shape the product roadmap!

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Maria Osipova

Maria is a marketing campaign manager at Faronics by day and mom, reader, runner by night. Relying on coffee and iGoogle to manage the hectic days, she is interested in emerging technologies, tools for education and social marketing.

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