40% of UK Firms Don’t Have A Green IT Policy In Place

40% of UK Firms Don’t Have A Green IT Policy In Place

Did you know that 40% of UK firms do not have a green IT policy?

Research conducted by One Poll, survey-led marketing research company, revealed of those that don’t have a green IT policy in place, almost 50% say it’s down to the time and effort required to develop, implement and enforce the strategies.

Only 27% of UK firms consider themselves to be a ‘green’ organization in terms of IT efficiency. Faronics says this is worrying especially since energy supplier EON recently estimated £30.8m is wasted every day by unused PCs that remain switched on. Furthermore, idle workstations are the highest energy drain in the office environment after lighting. 36% of respondents also believe powering down desktops would hinder the day to day activities of staff and disrupt necessary maintenance by IT personnel.

That’s a lot of pushback!

“While organizations have long been skeptical of the financial and business benefits of sustainability, this perception is finally changing,” said Bimal Parmar, Vice President of Marketing at Faronics.

“While focusing green IT solely on the data center is certainly a step in the right direction, it can divert attention away from more basic, everyday measures such as powering down idle desktops.”

Parmar said the impact of a sound desktop management strategy should not be underestimated, especially when considering that only 30 percent of a desktop’s energy is actually utilized productively.

“This not only wastes a significant amount of power, but also results in unnecessarily high costs. What some people do not seem to realize is that solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated. IT departments are now able to boot desktops for scheduled maintenance whenever desired and ensure that computers are not shut down while essential updates are occurring out of hours, thus having no effect on company productivity.”

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