Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud Connector & St. Edward’s University
My team was spending a tremendous amount of time every week doing the same thing over and over again. We wanted to be able to automate this and make it to where it didn't require technician interaction.
- Jason Arellano, User Services Manager, St. Edward’s University
Challenges Faced

St. Edward's University has 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students and is ranked 14th-best college in the western United States. Jason Arellano, Manager of User Services, and Brant Christiansen, Senior IT Analyst lead a five-person IT team that manages 1,800 workstations campus-wide. They had one major problem: the software and operating system updates were still done manually, which took a lot of time.

A Solution That Worked

They found an answer in the form of the Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, whereby they were able to connect their Enterprise Console computers to Deep Freeze Cloud with just one click. Rather than manually patching endpoints campus-wide, St. Edward's implementation of Deep Freeze Cloud lets Arellano and Christiansen schedule Windows Updates to run automatically. Now applications such as Flash, Java, Firefox and Chrome are automatically installed and kept up-to-date without user intervention. Arellano and Christiansen can now patch their entire Windows environment expeditiously, automatically and in a non-invasive manner.

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