Campus Affairs and Northland CAPS
"What I’m most excited about is that there’s several different ways to get information"
- Allison Clemens, Program Development Manager
Challenges Faced

Northland Centre for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS) is a high school program centre that is on pace to enroll 420 students across six strands with more than 200 business partners. This growth has underlined the inherent challenges in not only communicating with a dispersed student population, but also coordinating with numerous business partners. For instance, an administrator with Northland CAPS would message an educator, who would then have to message each individual student that, say, class was being cancelled due to weather and then hope they received it.

A Solution That Worked

With the introduction of Campus Affairs, Northland CAPS was able to standardize and push seamless notifications to hundreds of students and stakeholders, uniting communications in a single forum. It also helps that Northland CAPS students are adept at using technology, Clemens noted, and being able to communicate with them through a mobile app as a one-stop shop has become a massive advantage. Campus Affairs is being positioned as a key facilitator for future communication initiatives.

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Campus Affairs and Northland CAPS