Faronics Deep Freeze and John Paul II College of Davao in the Philippines (JPIICD)
“We love how workstation configurations are automatically restored with every reboot, We’ve found the solution in Deep Freeze! What a sigh of relief. It is undoubtedly the product that can protect our workstations and our operations.”
- Mr. Immanuel Rommel Tubal, Te Network and Systems Administrator
Challenges faced

John Paul II College of Davao in Philippines (JPIICD) is home to more than 1,500 students. JPIICD struggled with protecting its computers from malware. Spyware, adware, worms, and trojans frequently infiltrated the workstations leading to operating system corruption and software conflicts. Because the school did not have an effective solution to stop malicious threats, they resorted to using a hard disk anti-virus scan, file backup, reformat and reinstallation. This process consumed a lot of time, effort, and resulted in computer downtime.

A Solution That Worked

JPIICD deployed Deep Freeze across all computers in their network. The IT staff now saves a lot of time and effort since they do not have to spend time fixing the computers. A lot of effort is saved in reformat and reinstallation. The workstations at JPIICD now operate at 100% performance and are free from both harmful viruses and unwanted programs.