Faronics Anti-Executable and Granite School District
“Faronics Anti-Executable’s whitelist protection gives us the assurance that only the programs we have installed on the computers are able to run.”
- Mr. Watson, Granite School District
Challenges Faced

With 68,075 students, Granite School District is the second largest district in Utah and is among the largest public school districts in the nation. The biggest challenge faced was students bringing unwanted applications on a USB drive and running it on the workstations. Allowing unauthorized programs to run on workstations presented a serious challenge to a teacher’s ability to keep lab computers running and student attention focused. Unauthorized programs wasted a lot of time for both students and teachers.

A Solution That Worked

The Granite School District was already using Deep Freeze to keep their systems clean. The IT staff deployed Faronics Anti-Executable to prevent unauthorized applications from running. With Anti-Executable, any other program—whether they are unwanted, unlicensed, or simply unnecessary—are blocked from ever executing. Keyloggers, spyware, malware, viruses, and trojans can seriously cripple computing sessions, create damaging privacy leaks, and hamper student productivity. Faronics Anti-Executable protects students from these threats while still allowing them to access the programs needed to complete class assignments.

Granite School District blocks unwanted programs with application control
by Dmitry Shesterin

The second largest school district in Utah deployed Faronics Anti-Executable to block programs that are unwanted or unauthorized. Faronics Anti-Executable provides the district with piece of mind through reliable application whitelisting.

Many students of the Granite School District were routinely using usb keys, CDs and portable drives to bring unauthorized programs into the classroom. Such unwanted programs caused student distraction and deterioration of computer configurations, also known as configuration drift.

The district was impressed with the application whitelisting capabilities of Faronics Anti-Executable, which blocks programs and only allows approved applications to run on a computer. This as exactly what the district needed to control applications that are used in a classroom.

Before Faronics Anti-Executable was installed on districts computers, a class of extremely tech-savvy students were challenged to hack or cripple Faronics Anti-Executable. After a week of unsuccessful attempts, the students have voted Faronics AntiExecutable to be bulletproof.


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Faronics Anti-Executable and Granite School District