Matt Quick

WINSelect has empowered our Instructional Technology teachers at each site with centralized control of the computer lab and classroom computer functions. Since WINSelect does not require the administrator to have a high level of technical knowledge, it has also reduced our technical support workload in the instructional environment. Due to the simplicity of WINSelect, our technology teachers can quickly and intuitively create a custom environment for their buildings through Faronics Core Console without any help.

Josh Kolka

I was renewing our Deep Freeze licensing and was looking at Faronics’ new products when I came across Insight. This was exactly the type of program that the teachers were asking for. Since we have over 150 workstations running the Insight client, network traffic congestion was a concern of mine. However, once we had everything installed I did not notice any network slowdowns whatsoever. Some of our labs have computers assembled into pods, it’s great when it comes to fostering collaboration and teamwork between students, but it does make it very difficult for a teacher to monitor what students are doing at all times. Teachers would walk around the classroom to monitor activities, but once they walked to another pod a student could easily visit a game website and stop doing their work.

Jay Stelmach

We use Faronics Power Save in a school environment; it’s made managingthe power consumption of the school’s computers a breeze! It allows forgranular control of all the computers in the building with an easy andintuitive interface. Plus Faronics‘ tech support is friendly and helpful,and was able to quickly help me resolve the few problems that I ran into.