The unfortunate truth in the world of business is that no one can predict the future. Time has a way of presenting roadblocks to progress, namely in the way of natural disasters. There are so many possible things that can go wrong at any given moment. The only constant is that none of it can be prepared for individually, and unfortunately, this is not a reality that many o...
Today's enterprises must ensure that all hardware being utilized for business purposes - from individual workstations and mobile devices to the overall network - are adequately protected against cyberattacks. Current malware infections have the ability to spread from one system to another, depending on the sample, making it increasingly important to have an overarching sec...
U.S. schools are under increasing pressure to do well on state and national assessments. These exams influence the ratings and funding levels that they receive, and they may determine whether a student is promoted from one grade to the next. Schools need robust IT infrastructure in order to support their yearly testing cycles, which at some institutions may involve thou...

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