When looking into the future, it's important to consider the past. The history of education IT has a lot of things to say, but one of the biggest lessons we can learn from early innovators is that change happens quickly. School networks have become faster, devices have become smarter and tablets have become just as powerful as classroom computers. How much else has changed...
Banks and other financial institutions will always be a favorite target for cybercriminals. The large quantities of financial information contained on their servers will continue to entice hackers to attempt to crack their defenses. More recently, banks have not only had to worry about thieves out for financial gain but also cybercriminals backed by rival nations who ar...
The spread of malware has at times appeared to be nearly unstoppable. Every day, cybercriminals are developing new strains of malicious programs to counter existing network defenses. In fact, some estimates have put the average number of threats that emerge each day at 74,000. All told, there are approximately 125 million unique strains of malware ...

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