For IT administrators and CIOs, 2014 was a year of massive change in the industry. Data breaches were happening left and right, and new types of cyber attacks seemed to be created every day. Learning from the events of the past year, many enterprise IT decision-makers are working to overhaul their organizations' cybersecurity systems in order to more effectively defend aga...
When most people think about cybercrime and data theft during the holidays, they think about retail data breaches and point-of-sale malware. While those things do pose an increased threat around this time of year, an equally serious risk is that of social engineering campaigns that trick people into opening malicious attachments related to a phony delivery confirmation. ...
Even with data holding an increasingly important place in the enterprise, many organizations continue to struggle with protecting business-critical information and some have given up trying altogether. A recent report by EMC revealed that many CIOs lack confidence in their ability to recover data after a malicious intrusion and a great number don't even have a plan in plac...

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