During the holidays, most people are thinking about family, food and, of course, shopping for presents. But for retailers, the holiday season is all about data security and protecting themselves against the influx of attacks from malicious actors. A recent study by BitSight Technologies, a platform that rates the effectiveness of enterprises' security, looked at the risk...
Employees at Sony Pictures aren't feeling too cheerful this holiday season. Hackers, believed to be backed by North Korea, compromised corporate systems and were able to make off with a massive amount of sensitive information. On top of the loss of data, the cybercriminals also caused disruptions to the company's email systems and plastered computer backgrounds with image...
Modern enterprises have made mobility a major part of their organizations, enabling employees to work more flexibly and business to continue from anywhere. Bring-your-own-device policies have allowed companies to provide improved mobility to their staffs, but such programs have increased the likelihood of security incidents occurring and causing problems for internal netwo...

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