Although scary costumes might be the highlight of October, cyber security is the most frightening prospect for any business. Let's take a look back at some of the biggest cyber incidents and outcomes that occurred this month. Rallying Around NCSAM Federal agencies have acknowledged the damage that cyber incidents can cause to their own bodies as well as business...
Technology has drastically changed the business world. Employees rely on devices to complete everyday tasks and deliver high-quality services and products for a solid bottom line. Now, the average worker uses 2.3 devices for his or her job, according to Small Business Trends. This could include leveraging a laptop, smartphone and tablet, among other hardware options. The p...
Hackers are increasingly making convincing applications containing malicious code to infiltrate devices and steal pertinent user or business information. Access to sensitive data without moderation, could possibly cause a major damage to the enterprise. The state of shadow IT is likely much deeper than most tech departments realize. A 2015 survey by Cloud Security Allia...

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