Malware is one of the biggest scourges on the digital world in the modern day. There are numerous threats that have made themselves known over the last few years, infecting companies and private users alike with malicious code designed to extort money and steal information.

Criminal programs are continuing to evolve. New and adapted campaigns are appearing every day and users need to be prepared with layered security strategies that will guard against the greatest number of risks.

Ransomware strain making people cry
A new strain of malicious program has been appearing more frequently as of late. Onion, a ransomware variant, has been found to demand Bitcoin-based payments within a short time frame, threatening those who do not comply with the loss of all of their information permanently. Onion uses the infamous Tor network, which has not played host to ransomware in the past.

“Ransomware has become one of the most pernicious and prevalent types of malware over the last couple of years, evolving from simple screen blockers to the advanced pieces of software we see today, leveraging the power of the Tor network and elliptic curve cryptography to evade detection,” wrote International Business Times contributor David Gilbert.

Free car inspection offer infecting Koreans with new form of malware
A new malware campaign is targeting an unnamed Korean organization by exploiting a commonly-targeting weakness in ActiveX. The program, known as Baccamun​, is masquerading as an internal offer for a free car inspection, instead opening a backdoor for hackers on Windows PCs.

It is thought that those behind this scam are operating out of Eastern Asia and are multi-lingual, as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters have been linked to the files contained in the malware.

‘Operation Emmental’ specifically targeting banks
There are, of course, some industries that are more likely to be targeted due to the nature of their information. The financial sector is of particular interest to cyber criminals, as evidenced by the new strain of malware dubbed Operation Emmental, making appearances primarily in Europe.

“The Operation Emmental attacks are spread using phishing emails which masquerade as being sent from a reputed online retailer,” International Business Times posted on its website. “These emails contain malware-infested links which users are prompted to click. If victims do click on the link, the malware gets downloaded to users’ computers/mobile devices.”

Reboot to restore should be cornerstone of security plans
It is generally accepted that layered security is the best route to go for digital protection. But while it is important to be diverse, there are certain tools that should always been put in place – Faronics Deep Freeze being one of them.

Several companies are of the opinion that once their system is affected by malware, they need to resort to re-imaging their machines – which can be painstaking for IT Admins. The recurring re-imaging requests can become quite challenging, especially if there are limited number of IT admins in an Enterprise. This is where Deep Freeze comes to rescue. Its operation is so simple that the non-IT staff can do it in a breeze. All they need to do is to reboot the infected system, and the original computer configuration is restored in a jiffy.

IT staff has several items on to-do list from tackling IT issues (which take most of their time) to managing large IT projects (which they need to work on). With Faronics Deep Freeze at their disposal, the IT tickets are quickly resolved, and the IT team can concentrate their efforts in managing IT projects.

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