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New Rules Propel Colleges To Remove Online Programs

Post-Secondary institutions in Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Minnesota are planning to remove their online education programs as a response to the new regulations being instilled by the Education Department.

This rule requires all schools that offer online education, to register with each state that their many students have come from. This will cause a financial setback for schools, and as a result, tuition will be jacked up.

The regulation was extremely controversial, though it is still standing even after efforts to have it removed.

Most students opt for online education because they are unable to accommodate an in-class education. What affect does this have for them? Those who were planning on acquiring their degrees through online education will have to find an alternative route. This might mean a delayed education for many people.

Nimritta Parmar

Nimritta is a third year student at Simon Fraser University, studying English and Communications. She’s a Facebook rat (AKA master procrastinator), and being a student for the last 16 years of her life means that she has education on the brain! (perhaps you’ve noticed?)