Want Better Grades? Stay At Home.

Want Better Grades? Stay At Home.

Studies conducted in 2003 measured the difference in performance between students enrolled in distance education, and those who weren’t. The results showed that students taking online courses got better grades that those who studied in a classroom.

Technology has the power to remove physical barriers to learning. Before the Internet, students needed to be close to the school they wanted to attend. Now there’s Distance Education, which lets students take classes online.

Harvard is one of many schools that offer distance education. The Harvard Extension School offers over 150 different courses online, available to students across the globe. Students are able to take classes from universities or colleges in other towns, across the country, and even overseas.

Not everyone has the freedom to leave their homes to attend class everyday. Maybe they have a serious injury, or can’t afford to leave their kids in daycare. Distance education is accommodating to them.

Other advantages of distance education include:

  • The comfort and flexibility of learning at home
  • Saving time, money, and fuel by not needing to commute to class
  • Moving at your own pace, and planning study time accordingly- you are able to take your time with areas that give you more difficulty

Of course one of the biggest challenges with online classes is that you need to be self-motivating. After all, you won’t have a teacher nagging you to get work done.

What’s your experience with online education? Did you find it easier?

About The Author

Nimritta Parmar

Nimritta is a third year student at Simon Fraser University, studying English and Communications. She's a Facebook rat (AKA master procrastinator), and being a student for the last 16 years of her life means that she has education on the brain! (perhaps you've noticed?)

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