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HR And Social Media – Where Does Your Company Stand?

Recently, I attended the Vancouver session of SocialHRCamp, an interactive “UnConference” that examines HR’s relationship with social media, and how this contributes value to the overall business. The topics discussed were diverse; recruiting, how to use social media internally, authenticity and leadership, branding, etc.

What stayed with me after the conference was over was the idea that social media is people. Social media is people…and so are human resources. Doesn’t it make sense for HR to be as deeply involved with, or even driving change where social media is concerned?

Of course, this is on a case-by-case basis. Human resource practitioners should think about what makes sense for them and their business needs. For example, a Pinterest account isn’t necessarily a useful tool for everyone.  A compensation analyst, for example, will have different social media needs than a recruiter will.

That being said, social media isn’t going anywhere. Getting acquainted (and hopefully involved) with social media, social software and tools, and corresponding with best practices is part of a responsibility to ongoing learning. It can also ensure that you are ahead of the curve.

Where do you think your company stands with social media? Ahead of the curve, on top of things, or testing the waters?

Jennifer Graham

An eternal student, Jennifer gets her kicks observing, analyzing, and writing about people and culture. When away from the HR Department at Faronics she can be found enjoying good food, Android smartphone in hand.