Faronics Deep Freeze and State of Franklin Healthcare Associates

HIPAA Compliance Made Simple with Faronics Deep Freeze
by Maryam Mahjoub

The State of Franklin Healthcare Associates required a solution to help manage the 250 workstations spread out amongst the organization’s eight physical locations, including six clinics, one lab, and one administration office. Spyware can compromise a healthcare organization’s ability to ensure HIPAA compliance, because of the security risk it represents.

The IT department at State of Franklin Healthcare Associates consists of two people;  William Spooner, the IT manager, and his assistant. The IT department used several anti-spyware and adware removal solutions, but found the workstations were not getting completely cleaned. This was not only a tedious 3 hour task to rebuild, it also meant machines were at risk of breaching HIPAA compliance.

Deep Freeze was recommended to Mr. Spooner by his assistant, who had recently worked at a local university where Deep Freeze was being used. Once Faronics Deep Freeze was installed, a simple reboot would remove any traces of malware remaining.

“Deep Freeze is our last line of defense,” says Mr. Spooner. It is used in combination with an up-todate version of an anti-spyware solution, but Deep Freeze is relied on to restore the computers every  single time with a reboot. Except for hardware problems, the IT department has not touched a single computer that has Deep Freeze installed on it, nor have they had to worry about maintaining HIPAA compliance and integrity… exactly what the doctor ordered.