Faronics Deep Freeze Mac and the University of Alabama at Birmingham
“Deep Freeze has given IT more time to work on faculty and staff issues and not be tied to the labs on a daily basis. I know the students enjoy their computing experience better now, as downtime for them can sometimes mean getting an 'A' or an incomplete for the course”.
- Kevin Worden, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Challenges faced

The University of Alabama at Birmingham provides higher education to more than 18,000 students, making it one of the largest educational institutions by enrollment in the Yellowhammer state. The information system specialist, Kevin Worden and his team team had struggled to maintain a clean computing environment for the thousands of students who rely on these machines for educational purposes.The downtime from rebuilding just one machine could last for hours. In addition to configuring the operating system, Worden was responsible for maintaining Microsoft Office, Adobe products and other critical software. The time spent reverting configuration drift and IT troubleshooting was occupying sizable chunks of Worden's schedule.

A Solution That Worked

Deep Freeze allowed Worden to keep labs in a 'frozen state', so that every user session would feature a consistent experience for the student or teacher, regardless of the configuration changes that may have been made between them. This also meant that most cases of IT troubleshooting required nothing more than a simple reboot. The results were better than Worden could have ever imagined.