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Protect Windows XP computers with Deep Freeze While many have already begun the transition over to a new OS, some users have found that the migration is a large and substantial project and may elect to remain with XP despite end of support. The latter group can still utilize their XP-based devices and maintain protection with Faronics' restore solution Deep Freeze. Read More

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Announced As A Winner Of The 30th Annual Awards Of Excellence By Tech & Learning For Best Upgraded Product VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, Calif. December, 2012 – Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user computer environments, today announced that its instant system-restore solution, Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise, has been selected as a winner of Tech & Learning’s 30th Annual Awards of Excellence for “Best Upgraded Products”. Tech & Learning’s “Best Upgrade” category honors already-released products that have been significantly enhanced to evolve with changing technology and continue to offer the highest quality experiences for educators and students. Deep Freeze Enterprise facilitates the smooth maintenance of multi-user education environments because it protects original workstation configurations by restoring the computer settings to their original condition with a simple reboot. Deep Freeze eliminates the need for IT professionals to perform rebuilds, re-image or troubleshoot computers. The resulting protection significantly reduces software related issues and system crashes, allowing IT professionals to efficiently manage their environment using less staff and resources. “As schools continue to have to do more with less, buying the right solution for your district needs is more important than ever,” says Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director for NewBay Media’s Tech & Learning Group. “Tech & Learning is proud to present these recommended products that have been put to the test by our experienced educational team of judges.” The December 2012 Awards Issue of Tech & Learning will provide detailed descriptions of all the winning products as well as judges’ comments. Further information about Deep Freeze Enterprise can be found here . Read More

[Webinar] 5 Things Your AV Won’t Stop Every day the news is filled with headlines of malware, data loss and breaches. It’s obvious the trend is on the rise. With over 60,000 unique malware samples discovered each day blacklisting technology like your Anti-Virus can’t keep up. Read More

ISTE 2013 ISTE’s 34th Annual Conference and Exposition features an amazing array of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities.

TCEA 2013 Everything is bigger in Texas! This show isn't an exception either! Join the Faronics team at FETC 2013! With more than 400 sessions and hands-on workshops, a 900+ booth exhibit hall, [...]

FETC 2013 Explore the Technologies that save, streamline and inspire! With more than 200 Concurrent Sessions and 100+ Workshops, FETC 2013 is the most comprehensive educational technology event in the [...]

HECC 2012 State Conference The Sky Is Not The Limit. Full day hands-on workshops and a look at the latest technology in our exhibit hall. -- All of these are included in the 2012 HECC State Conference taking place [...]

Faronics Announces Release of Deep Freeze Cloud Deep Freeze Cloud Enables Cloud-Based Management of Deep Freeze Software VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN JOSE, Calif., November 14, 2013 –Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user computer environments,... Read More

FARONICS ANNOUNCES RELEASE of DEEP FREEZE 7.7 Deep Freeze 7.7 simplifies configuration management and adds Faronics Anti-Virus control into the popular Enterprise Console VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, Calif., July 24, 2013 –Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user... Read More

Faronics Insight Now Supports Windows 8 New release of Faronics Insight includes support for new OS and additional features for Educators and IT VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, Calif. January 30, 2012 –Faronics announced today the availability of the... Read More

FARONICS TO DEMONSTRATE DEEP FREEZE FOR WINDOWS 8 AND INSIGHT AT EDUCAUSE 2012 Faronics will co-exhibit at EDUCAUSE 2012 alongside partner ComputerLand of Silicon Valley, a leading technology solutions and services provider for businesses, government and educational institutions nationwide. Faronics will demonstrate software products that help manage, simplify, and secure multi-user computing networks in educational environments. Read More

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