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VANCOUVER, B.C, Canada & PLEASANTON, California, USA – Faronics Corporation, a global leader in endpoint security and computer systems management, is pleased to announce the release of Faronics Insight 8.0. The new version includes enhancements for e-Safety, Chromebooks and Android support, as well as performance enhancements that make screen sharing up to 8X faster.

A leading classroom management platform, Faronics Insight is used teachers and IT administrators can use to maintain control over their students’ activities on school computers. In 2015, as a testament to Faronics’ dedication to keeping up with the ever-evolving technology needs of the education sector, Faronics Insight won the Tech & Learning award for Best Upgraded Product.

Thus, the 2016 upgrade has a precedent for being an all-around critical product for teachers and students to have in the classroom. The release of this new version brings with it several new features, including:

  • Turbo Mode: Performance can be increased by as much as 800 percent, improving frame rate to six to 10 frames per second.
  • Image Quality: Turtle, Rabbit and Cheetah modes are now available to help you determine which image speed you want versus image quality.
  • Draw on Screen: An important teaching tool that allows teachers to draw with a red pen on the screen.
  • Active Display: Choose how many monitors you want to be displayed during the lesson.
  • Enhancements for Chromebook Student: Teachers can select a random Insight Student, and enhanced security has been added with Password Secure mode, among other improvements.
  • Enhancements for Android Student: Teachers can use thumbnail monitoring even outside of the Insight Student application; it comes with single-sign-on ability with Google; and the app has been optimized to work with Android 7.0 Nougat.

In addition, Faronics Insight 8.0 comes with key enhancements to the reporting server, with a focus on e-Safety. Now, environment safety can be monitored via alerts that allow admins to detect when banned words/keystrokes are entered into the system. The system sends a snapshot of the student’s computer when an unauthorized word or keystroke is detected.

“We are very pleased with the additional improvements included with the new release of Insight 8.0,” said Heman Mehta, the Director of Product Management for Faronics. “The product is faster, students are safer online, and Insight has made significant strides in our Android and Chromebook Student offerings. The ability for teachers to put Faronics Insight on their students’ mobile devices is becoming more important as the world shifts to mobile technologies.”  

With this classroom management solution, educators and school IT administrators get more visibility and control over their lab computer ecosystems, while enhancing users’ online safety. And with this latest release of Faronics Insight , Faronics continues with its efforts to help educational institutions ensure smart classroom management and uninterrupted educational collaboration.

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