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SAN RAMON, CA, January 8, 2007 — Faronics announces the release and immediate availability of Faronics Device Filter Mac, a utility that allows administrators to manage the access rights for all devices across an entire enterprise.

Unregulated connectivity can cause a multitude of security, productivity, and policy challenges that consume valuable computer and human resources. With Faronics’ Device Filter Mac, anything from an iPod to portable applications, or a modem connected via Bluetooth can now be effectively controlled to make sure that no unauthorized data transfers or connections take place. The protection can be applied on a user or a workstation basis to establish a secure environment perimeter where all connectivity aspects are properly regulated and logged. The flexible setup options and enterprise capability of Device Filter Mac provide IT staff with a robust access management tool that safeguards essential data and protects valuable resources.

The program integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), allowing administrators to deploy a customized device connectivity configuration package to single or multiple computers. ARD also offers the ability to manage the application remotely through Device Filter-specific tasks.“Many of the peripherals today offer multiple connectivity options, including USB, Infrared, Wireless and Bluetooth. This can present itself as a serious challenge to IT professionals and administrators in charge of maintaining secure networks,” said David Anderson, the Device Filter Mac product manager at Faronics. “Device Filter Mac was specifically designed to address this particular control issue in the market.”

A fully functional, 60-day evaluation version of Device Filter Mac can be downloaded free of charge at

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Brent Smithurst (Vice President, Technical Operations)

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