Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Patch Management

Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Patch Management

In today’s digital world, patch management is an essential consideration for every IT team regardless of industry or organization size. In fact, Automox has found that nearly 60% of data breaches in the past two years can all be traced back to the same issue: a missing operating system patch or application patch. Traditional, on-premise patch management solutions are proving to not be enough, as many were designed for a different era. Now, workers are logging on remotely and exposing enterprise networks to a wider array of endpoints than ever before. 

As cyber threats only continue to grow and evolve, it’s essential to take a more modern approach to patch management to protect your business. Read on to discover how using cloud-based security tools can help you ensure every piece of your organization’s infrastructure is getting critical security updates within a near-immediate time frame.

What does cloud-based patch management look like in practice?

To understand how these modern solutions can positively impact your organization’s security procedures, let’s start by defining exactly what cloud-based patch management tools are — and maybe more importantly, what they are not.

Also known as native solutions, cloud-based patch solutions are specifically designed for the needs of hybrid infrastructures and remote environments. Unlike their predecessors, these platforms do not require internal servers or ongoing maintenance, as these tasks are instead performed by the cloud provider. For small businesses and enterprises with a global reach, this is an especially attractive feature, as cloud-based tools are more cost-effective by nature. 

On the other hand, many organizations may already be leveraging on-premise patch management to monitor and deploy updates. It’s important to note that these solutions are often the first step to a more comprehensive security policy, and that they’re useful when it comes to safeguarding on-premise devices. However, almost all on-premise solutions lack the end-to-end functionality needed to support today’s hybrid world. 

In addition to being a more affordable choice, there are several other key benefits Help Net Security has associated with modern cloud-based solutions:

  • Time savings: Manually applying a patch on all instances of an app on an enterprise network can take an administrator days if not weeks. Not only does this leave your organization vulnerable to attacks, but it also takes IT’s time away from other valuable tasks. 
  • Flexibility: One of the most beneficial aspects of the cloud is that it’s scalable in nature. As your organization grows and it needs to become more complex, your cloud provider can work with you to scale in an instant. 
  • Security: To maintain your network’s security, it’s essential to deploy a patch as soon as it’s available. Cloud-based security solutions empower your team, allowing them to deploy updates more quickly and efficiently. 

As the world continues to embrace hybrid and remote working environments as the new standard, cloud-based patch management tools will only grow in importance. 

Finding the right cloud-based solution

Not every cloud-based patch management solution is made equal. As you work to identify the right one for your organization’s needs, be sure to consider the following factors while working with potential software providers:

Level of intuitiveness 

Even the most powerful cloud-based solution won’t be helpful if it doesn’t make sense to your team. Look for intuitive and user-friendly tools that will help you gain centralized visibility and control. You’ll likely want to prioritize solutions that offer a unified dashboard that provides a complete breakdown of each end point.

Field of expertise

You should feel comfortable asking your would-be service partners what types of industries and organizations they’ve worked with before. For example, if you’re managing highly confidential data such as patient information or student records, you’ll want to work with a software provider who is well-versed in the area. 

Range of solutions

 As you continue to grow, your organization’s security needs will only become more complex. The right service provider will work with you to determine which solutions make the most sense both in the moment and down the road. 

Although the benefits of leveraging cloud-based patch management solutions are clear, many organizations lack the time and resources to find the right provider. At Faronics, our easy-to-use software distribution and patch management tools provide maximum control over Windows and third-party app installation and updates.

With nearly 30,000 unique customers using over 10 million licenses in over 150 countries, our team of experts has a history of providing excellent value to users. Faronics’ solutions will help your teams to reduce risk, manage costs and re-capture the hours lost to repetitive administrative tasks.

If your organization is ready to begin the first step in cloud-based patch management or is looking to simplify its current software distribution processes, contact us today to learn more.

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