Warning To Mac Owners: Secure Your Computer Now

Warning To Mac Owners: Secure Your Computer Now

Now maybe the time to start thinking security for your Mac.

Securing a PC has always been a no-brainer. Installing antivirus software, having a system restore and recovery option and being able to block applications is key for these machines, as there are countless cyber criminals out there trying to feast off your data and disrupt your life. But Mac users were always considered the safe ones. Anyone who has ever seen a horror movie knows the one who always seems to be the safest ends up getting picked off, and DSLReports said securing a Mac is now essential.

“You should really [have] antivirus software on your Mac,” DSLReports writer Kevin Bryan said. “This isn’t an option anymore. I predicted there would be a day when this would come. I will give you two options – free but more self-maintenance required or paid subscription which is managed for you.”

Paid will most likely work better than free software, the source said, but Mac users at this point need to protect their machines by any means. DSLReports said Mac users have been warned and cannot say there isn’t information out there about attacks now. Things like the Flashback Trojan, which looked to steal information from users, have been well-publicized, so users know their machines absolutely need to be protected.

OSX Daily said there are many other ways that Mac owners can secure their devices, with the most obvious after Flashback being to disable Java. Flashback attacked Java, so perhaps blocking that application could be the best move for users.

“Flashback and other malware has installed through Java security breaches,” the Apple news website said. “Apple has already released several updates to patch the Java security holes that allowed Flashback to spread (you should install those), but you can also go a step further and completely disable Java on the Mac. Frankly, the average person doesn’t need Java installed on their Mac let alone active in their web browser, disable it and you don’t have to worry about security holes in older versions of the software impacting your Mac.”

Other things Mac users can do to make sure their computers are safe and sound includes disabling Adobe flash, disabling or removing Adobe Acrobat Reader, updating apps on the computer regularly to ensure security, and installing an antivirus program on the computer.

Mac owners, what has your experience been with the machine’s security? Have you noticed that you have been more targeted in recent months? Are you taking steps to secure your device? Let us know in the comments!

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