Transforming Desktop Support with Deep Freeze Cloud Automation Tools

Technology has become an invaluable source of productivity for companies in nearly every industry, but managing a large fleet of desktops, laptops and mobile devices comes with more than a few complexities. For one, employees tend to have different preferences and levels of technical expertise, which can complicate multi-user environments where workstations are shared between coworkers. There’s also the issue of configuration drift, where small changes to a desktop’s settings add up over time and cause serious performance issues that may require large-scale reimaging. Cybersecurity is another chief concern, as end users are often the weakest link in a company’s overall IT posture.

To offset these risks, organizations of all sizes have had to recruit and train a large workforce of IT experts and help desk associates, or pay a third-party provider to handle all of their technology management needs. While neither option is entirely without benefits and limitations, employing an in-house IT team often provides greater oversight and more responsive support. That said, many companies have struggled to optimize their help desk operations and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. That’s where Faronics’  Deep Freeze software can help.

The Benefits of Automated Support Tools

In most modern business settings, entry level IT professionals often split their time between system and network maintenance, software and application updates and resolving support tickets. These activities can run the gamut between system-critical operations and low-priority tasks, which can make it difficult to meet the needs of all users. According to research from Zendesk, it takes an  average of 24.2 hours for help desk representatives to respond to an internal support ticket, despite close to 69% of user issues being resolved in one touch. And while minor desktop problems may seem negligible for experienced IT personnel, they can be a massive source of anxiety for employees who are unable to perform their day-to-day responsibilities.

One of the best ways to reduce low-priority tickets is to integrate automated tools and self-service features that allow end users to resolve their own issues. In fact, around  91% of help desks plan to offer additional self-service options in the near future, according to a 2017 report from the Service Desk Institute. This proactive approach to desktop management can not only improve help desk response times, it may also reduce the overhead costs associated with support requests. Currently, the  cost-per-ticket for support teams ranges from $2.93 to $49.69, according to estimates from HDI, with the average ticket falling around $15.56. While this price point may seem reasonable, larger companies often handle hundreds of desktop support requests in a given week, which can really add up over time.

How Automated Tools Improve Help Desk Efficiency

Faronics’  Deep Freeze software is a cloud-based endpoint management solution designed to reduce IT tickets, increase help desk productivity and empower end users. By “freezing” a snapshot of a desktop’s desired configuration, IT administrators can ensure all workstations perform reliably and consistently. When problems arise, users can instantly restore their computer to its pristine state with a simple reboot. This feature can help resolve a host of desktop issues that may have otherwise required a support ticket to be opened, from unwanted configuration changes and mismatched software patches to malware infections. Some of the other core features include:

  • Advanced application whitelisting: When it comes to cybersecurity, a layered security platform can provide the comprehensive threat detection and remediation capabilities organizations need to protect their computers and data from authorized users. Deep Freeze Cloud comes equipped with a unique Anti-Executable feature that blocks malware, viruses and zero-day threats through predictive analytics. This enables IT admins to identify and prevent a variety of common exploits and vulnerabilities across their entire network.
  • Automated patch management: Manually managing desktop updates can be a real pain for IT staff, especially when companies use a range of different products. Deep Freeze Cloud allows help desk personnel to automatically install and update over 85 popular hardware, software and web-based products through a centralized console. These capabilities can help streamline Windows updates, application deployments and system-wide security patches, freeing up more time for business-critical IT tasks.
  • Data loss prevention: One of the best ways to prevent data loss and ensure compliance with internal IT policies is to restrict the functionality of at-risk devices. That’s why Deep Freeze Cloud comes with a range of desktop control mechanisms that allows help desk staff to block IP addresses, disable specific drives and file extensions and lockdown control panel settings.
  • Seamless software deployment: Rather than installing software and applications manually, Deep Freeze Cloud offers several automated tools that make new deployments easier than ever. IT admins can schedule installations well in advance, ensuring key updates will not disrupt users’ workflows or negatively impact business processes. The platform also includes advanced reporting options that can be used to manage and track software usage across the entire network.

No matter how large or small your organization may be, Faronics’ Deep Freeze technologies can help you optimize your desktop support activities and take full advantage of cloud computing. To find out more, browse through  our product pages or  sign up for a free trial today.

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