Top 3 cloud predictions for 2015

Top 3 cloud predictions for 2015

With so many new technologies emerging in 2015, more established solutions can start to get overlooked. For a reliable enterprise tool like cloud computing, however, nothing can replace the capability and mobility it offers. But the times are changing, and the cloud is making changes right along with them. The new year is bringing many new things for cloud computing, so read on to find out the top three cloud predictions of 2015:

1) Hybrid cloud will become the norm
As it becomes increasingly simple to create custom cloud environments to fit each enterprises’ needs, a growing number of companies will begin to realize the benefits the technology can offer. A recent study by NaviSite found that 89 percent of IT professionals are making the deployment of some form of private or hybrid cloud environment within the next year a priority. Amazon Web Services saw nearly 90 percent growth in usage in the third quarter of 2014 and Microsoft has reported an increase of 128 percent in the use of its commercial cloud revenues in the last quarter of 2014. Implementation of public cloud infrastructures is also on the rise, but hybrid platforms are growing much more rapidly.  Using a hybrid solution allows businesses to experience the scalability and flexibility offered from the public cloud while still having the ability to store sensitive data more securely on site.

2) Mobility will increase with VDI and DaaS
One of the best things about the cloud is that it allows work to continue from practically any location. Employees can stay connected while working from home or on the road simply by logging into the cloud portal on an enterprise device. Now, mobility has increased even further through features like virtual desktop infrastructure and desktop-as-a-service. With these services, companies can offer their staffs the ability to connect with their own devices just like they would with hardware that is enterprise-owned. Not only does this increase flexibility, but the workload on internal IT departments is greatly reduced.

3) Cloud security and compliance will be handled externally
If 2014 taught enterprises anything, it was that they can never be too careful when it comes to cybersecurity. In the NaviSite survey, 59 percent of participants reported security as being a main concern for their organization. While defending against cyberattacks may be a top priority, security is not a core competency for most businesses. Because of this, many companies have started to outsource their compliance needs to a third-party service provider that focuses solely on defense. Utilizing an outside provider allows enterprises to create a custom solution that keeps their information secure while reducing the burden on internal IT staff.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing the cloud is that it reduces hassle and improves accessibility for the entire organization. It’s important for this concept to remain true throughout the entire cloud experience, including the way in which it is secured. By employing a security solution like Deep Freeze Cloud from Faronics​ as part of a layered security approach, enterprise tech professionals are able to reboot PCs connected to a network and restore them to previous settings in the case of a malware infection or system configuration issues. It has also been shown that Deep Freeze Cloud can reduce IT problems by 63 percent, decreasing the amount of non-business critical tasks. Because the program utilizes the power of the cloud, system changes can be made from an approved mobile device and issues can be remedied quickly and effectively. With such simplicity and effectiveness, it’s no wonder mobile cloud services are becoming so popular.

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