The Most Useless Function In Excel

The Most Useless Function In Excel

I love Excel and think that it is the most useful and feature rich product Microsoft has ever created.

I also think that on average only about 10% of functionality is ever used. That got me thinking. If the product is so useful, what is the most useless function in Excel?

I think I have found one. Have you ever heard about CONCATENATE?

As the name suggests, it joins multiple items. The thing is, you can do the same with the ampersand operator (&).

This begs a question, what is function good for? The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.

Not only does it make you type 10 characters more in order to do exactly the same thing, but because it is a function, it cannot process more than 255 parameters.

This is why I would nominate CONCATENATE for the most useless Excel formula award.

If you can think of any specific scenario where it beats “&” operator, please let me know.

About The Author

Dmitry Shesterin

Dmitry has done everything. From sales and marketing in mobile telecommunications and printing (in Russia and Germany) to sales engineer and marketing lead (at Faronics). Dmitry has an unrivaled love of Excel and his sense of humor resembles Ambrose Bierce, his favorite writer.

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