Supporting learning and growth at PV Net with Deep Freeze

Supporting learning and growth at PV Net with Deep Freeze

Palos Verdes Learning CenterEducation is about experiences, confidence and building foundation for success in life outside of school borders. PV Net, Palos Verdes Learning Center was established by Ted Vegvari over 20 years ago with the mission to accomplish just that: get students of all ages comfortable and experienced with technology and enable them to be successful in life.

Whether you are a creative type, an entrepreneur at heart or a math genius, chances are, the work will involve computers and highly specialized software. Ted Vegvari realized this when he established a Non-Profit center –  Palos Verdes on the NET with the vision to help community. His team of employees and volunteers had dedicated countless hours to make PV Net learning center a hub of knowledge, fun and growth.

The learning Center is a state of the art 1,300 square feet facility designed for learning and dedicated to the benefit of community of Palos Verdes.  It goes way beyond a simple operation of a computer teaching center.  Services provided by PV Net include web design and free hosting for organizations serving the community, computer education classes for seniors, career focused technology courses for youths and even computer donations to low income families.  The success of the program is evident, when you look at the many letters of appreciation from local organizations and successful career paths of interns and technology class graduates. All that is possible with the support of dedicated volunteers committed to improving community future.

The day-to day operations of the learning center are dependent on computers that are constantly used by diverse community groups, students, interns and seniors. Machines easily get bogged down with downloaded software, occasional viruses and software failures. To reduce the technical support required to keep the technology working at all times, PV Net is using Faronics Deep Freeze.  Freezing machine in their “perfect” condition, and having users repair any computer issues with the push of a button is  “The only reason we can offer the use of training facility”, says Ted. Faronics could not be more proud to support such a great cause, an organization that provides outstanding, unique education experience to students of all ages in Palos Verdes. Ted was kind enough to share some photos of this one of a kind center and the use of Faronics technology:

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Maria is a marketing campaign manager at Faronics by day and mom, reader, runner by night. Relying on coffee and iGoogle to manage the hectic days, she is interested in emerging technologies, tools for education and social marketing.

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